We understand the significance of time management when it comes to construction projects. That is why we are respectful of the deadlines and we try to reduce the damages as much as possible. We have always tried to take account of our clients needs and offer speedy delivery of their projects, relying on many years of knowledge of the construction business and our expertise.We make sure that when you work with us, we don’t fail to act on time, we never delay, we don’t compromise

Unique combination
of services and department

For projects that require a lot, we are here to offer a lot. If you work with us, you will see firsthand that we undertake every aspect of your construction project, from the
planning of the project to its implementation. Our ability to combine departments and services reduces the time the clients have to wait for the project to be complete and
the damages as well.At the same time , there are available for you :

  • Machining Centre that is equipped with high technology machinery that constructs, repairs or even modifies mechanical parts.
  • Workshop equipped with high standard diagnostic machinery.
  • Warehouse full of spare parts in stock and in constant communication with warehouses of internationally known manufacturers for more than 200 machinery labels.
  • Sales department  for construction machines that offers easily adjusted solutions according to your needs

Our Machining Centre it is fully equipped with modern toolroom machinery and our mechanics and engineers are ready to help find solutions, even when the problems
are overwhelming and difficult to solve.

  • We can construct any machinery component you need.
  • We can repair or recondition any machine from your equipment you ask us to.
  • We can modify your equipment according to your needs.
Machinery image
Machinery image
Machinery image
Machinery image

Speed support
of project

We can deliver with efficiency and speed. IAKOVIDIS BROS support services are among the best in the construction business, as our people try to offer help while respecting your time . With us you will also have :

  • Express shipping services for the delivery of costruction parts
  • 15 Vehicles  available to accommodate your every need
  • Your products delivered   to you in a packaging that ensures their safety

Double checking our services

We proceed to thorough checks of our work. For every mechanical component or machinery we check and double – check in order to make sure everything works appropriately. When you are on the middle of a construction project , there is no time for setbacks.


Our Workshop  equipped with high standard diagnostic machinery.


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