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CS Schnappmatic D.E.


The double-acting Cs Schnappmatic D.E.allows attachment coupling and uncoupling directly from the cab in just a few seconds. The operator can therefore change the attachment easily without leaving the cab and without the aid of additional staff, with a major time saving which makes changing tool worthwhile even for short work cycles.

With the versatile, high-performance, patented CS JANUS PRO adapter, the quick coupler becomes reversible.

It provides the highest reliability standards thanks to a number of safety systems: the integral check valve mounted on the cylinder, supplied as standard, which holds the quick coupler in place without uncoupling in case of a pressure drop on the hydraulic line; the coupling status indicator; and fork’s double profile.

The fork made in HB400 steel, much more resistant than standard construction steel, renders the coupling robust, durable, and suited to withstand high workloads.


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