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Standard snow blade LN


To ensure maximum safety for road traffic, it is necessary to intervene promptly and efficiently in the event of snow.

In fact, the Cangini snow blade is equipped with a bolted blade in HB400 steel, a material of superior hardness, making it a strong, durable tool, able to withstand the most demanding stresses.

Easy to assemble, it can be installed on skid loaders, mini skid loaders, skid steers, backhoes, telescopic machines and tractors.

It is equipped with shock-protection valves and adjustable skid plate which allows to adjust the height between the blade and the surface according to needs.

It can be equipped with a polyurethane blade suitable to work on surfaces at risk of damage.

The snow blade is complete with a self-levelling system to road surface ± 10 ° and hydraulic tilt adjuster right-left ± 30. Cangini snow blades are efficient and capable of achieving thorough cleaning.