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Standard Bucket Capacity1.0 m³ Engine Power120 kW Operating Weight23,800 kg

Looking for a sturdy and powerful medium excavator around 24 tons which respects the environment? The Sunward SWE 240FED electric medium excavator is the perfect fit for areas with high requirements in terms of exhaust gas emissions and noise, but also high and cold plateaus, with large temperature differences and insufficient oxygen supply, and finally construction sites in relatively confined spaces underground and tunnels. It is designed to be versatile and durable, with a long lifetime. The SWE 240FED’s masterful design, 3-Phase asynchronous motor, and enhanced hydraulics system deliver power, smooth operation, and high productivity with respect for environment. This top‑of‑the‑line medium excavator offers excellent performance, comfortable and safe operation, and convenient maintenance.Tests have shown that the smart electric excavator developed by Sunward have faster response, greater efficiency and greater performance than combustion engine ones. Thus, the SWE 240FED smart electric excavator can work continuously for more than 6 hours after fully charged, and it only takes 1.5 hours from 5% to 100% charged by two charging guns.

Emission rating

Zero emission

Motor type

3-Phase asynchronous

Max. digging depth

6 750 mm


2 800 mm