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Reinforced tilting ditch cleaning bucket SQR


The blade, the side cast cutters and side reinforcements and the rear strips are made of HB400. The check valve fitted as standard ensures the position is maintained during work, preventing accidental bucket rotation and for maximum safety.

The HB400 steel reinforcing bands welded to the bottom, an area subject to heavy stresses, make this a rugged bucket that offers a long working life.

Cast side cutting blades fitted in the critical zones increase the ruggedness of the structure, and side reinforcements enhance wear resistance.

It is fitted with reversible bolt-on underblade, useful for working on abrasive terrain.

Its distinctive design ensures higher load capacity combined with more effective ditch bank levelling.

It has water drainage holes on the sides and bottom.

It is recommended for cleaning, repairing and constructing slopes, for maintaining drainage ditches, for environmental reclamation works and for roadside maintenance.


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