Now, you have the opportunity to be smart and flexible when it comes to your project organization. You are able to rent or sign long-term leasing contracts. Together, we can come to an agreement about the right machine for your construction project and also find the financial solution that suits your needs. All of our equipment is in perfect condition or new.

Organize your work smartly and flexibly


  • You can choose the right machinery for the purpose you need it
  • You don’t commit your money while buying machinery
  • From the start, you are working whith stable budget that will not change as time passes
  • Machines that you have already paid for aren’t left unused
  • You do not have to deal with the problem of fleet renewal
  • The leasing rate is deducted from the taxation
  • You have the chance to use the most modern technological machinery



  • Wide range of machines and components
  • Wheel loaders and excavators or every type and size
  • Road-rollers, dozzers and many more



  • Short-term or long-term leasing, in accordance to your needs
  • Having the option of repurchase too


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Machinery image
Machinery image
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Aſter 35 years in the construction business, we know how important fast transportation from the construction site to the workshop is. This is the reason why we employ  a fleet of 15 transfer vehicles; in order for our employees to move flexibly and assist, if needed.In addition, our mobile repair shops are there, on the construction site, to help with any minor damage or malfunction on the spot. If a construction machine
needs to be replaced, our staff acts quickly, while making sure that not one moment of already paid work will be missed.

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