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Bucket Capacity2.0 m³ Engine Power231kW(298 hp) Operating Weight39,800kg Rating EmissionEU Stage V

Heavy-duty rollers, reinforced idler frame, and optional full track guard guarantee the integrity of our undercarriage. It’s this core strength that enables our customers to keep working and earning – around the clock.
ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) and FOPS (Falling Object Protection System) safeguard your most important asset: your operator in the toughest environment. Proven negative flow hydraulics have optimized the main control valve, improved the speed of front end cylinders, while cutting down the hydraulic system’s damper loss, leading to much better working efficiency.
Demolition guards and handrails are designed and manufactured to ensure your operators\’ safety under demolition applications.

Swing speed

10 rpm

Maximum travel speed (High)

5.5 km/h

Maximum travel speed (Low)

3.4 km/h


Cummins L9

Bucket breakout force

290 kN

930F-930FN-933FDM-936F-936FN-939FDM-942F Stage V X 400