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Great and Powerful:  ≥ 12 < 35 Ton  

The largest of the screening bucket MB designed for backhoe loaders, is ideal for the selection of natural materials in quarries and large yards. MB-LS220 allows to reduce up to 60% the crushing time and allows you to recover materials and handle it in the best way.

Particularly suitable for backhoe and loaders from 12 to 25 Ton.

Like the other screening buckets of MB range, MB-LS220 is equipped with interchangeable panels, available in different sieve sizes depending on the needs of the job. The simple assembly and dis-assembly of the screen panels makes for an easy change for different material output sizes.

For technical characteristics enclosed the fileMB_SchedeProdotto2017_A4_26apr_EN_MB-LS220 (3)