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Working weight : 1,393kg Applicable carrier weigh : 14 - 24 ton Tool shank diameter : 117 mm


Prime series are silenced type Hydraulic Breakers that developed for environment and human health according to international trend of noise restriction. By wearing a hard boots of reinforced rock dragger and bracket, prime series provides much innovative durability with maximum power than ever. The benefits of this series are dual speed control system, hard boots , anti blank blow system, auto stop & auto start and single high pressure accumulator.
■ Strong Impact Power which is certified by AEM
■ Strong Durability & Maintenance Convenience
■ Anti-blank blow System
■ Dual-speed control


Required oil flow

110 – 170 lpm

Operating pressure

160 – 180 bar

Blow frequenc Low speed mode

350 – 600 bpm

Blow frequenc High speed mode

500 – 750 bpm

Impact energy Low speed mode

2,800 joule

Impact energy High speed mode

2,200 joule


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