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ITR tanks



Tanks made in roto-molded linear polyethylene, ideal for the refueling of
small and light operating vehicles or crafts.
Featuring a unique design with ergonomic grip for excellent handling
and lifting, Italcaddy is equipped with puncture proof wheels designed
to be driven on any surface.
In addition to lightness and handiness, the structure, devoid of sharp
edges, and the reinforcement ribs confer great strength and resistance.
2. ITALCARRY_220_440

Tank made in linear polythylene designed for Diesel
fuel transport; it is equipped with the following fittings:
filling plug with built-in air vent device, in-line filter,
fuel transfer unit, automatic lockable fuel nozzle, integrated
forklift pockets (full tank handles for lifting
and carrying (empty tank) and integrated recesses for
securing with ratchet lashing straps during transport.
All the fittings are made of aluminum or materials compatible
with Diesel fuel.


Hippotank® is a rotationally molded tank made in linear
polyethylene, a material that confers excellent resistance
against shocks, temperature changes, chemical attacks and
bad climate conditions.
• Its transparency also allows a constant sight monitoring of
the fuel level.
• It can be easily washed with regular detergents thanks to its
highly smooth surface.
• Side forklift pockets, reinforced by zinc-coated carbon steel
profiles, allow lifting with forklift (full load) from the bottom.
• Top eyelets for lifting operations (when empty) from the top
of the tank.
• Tank’s Volume: 960 L.
• Dimensions (WxLxH): 995×1.830×1.000 mm.
• 220 mm diameter top hatch with screwed lid; it is completed
with oil gasket, 2” loading plug with built-in air vent
device and lockable security bar.
• 12 V or 24 V DC battery pump, flow rate 40 L/min or
60 L/min; the fuel transfer unit is fixed in a proper compartment
inside the tank which is provided with a lockable
• Flexible fuel hose, 5 m long, complete with an automatic
fuel nozzle.
• Digital turbine flow meter, model M24 or mechanical type,
mod. M3