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Sweeper bucket SPZ


A very useful tool for the enterprises charged of the asphalt laying and the street maintenance works: the sweeper bucket cleans all surfaces thoroughly thanks to its roller’s adjustable distance from the ground, so that it contributes to reduce wear to a minimum.

Both its strong frame and the cutting edge in high-strength HB400 steel grant a deep cleaning even on mud.

The bolted-on and reversible cutting edge can be disassembled and reversed, to extend its useful life.

The ppl brush then is suited to standard usages and sensitive surfaces, while the steel+ppl brush fits for the cleaning of abrasive surfaces.

The capacity of the waste collection tank is high enough to contain large quantities of dust and gravel and clean wide areas.

Adapted to skid and mini skid loaders, wheel or backhoe loaders and telescopics, in six model. Optionally equipped with sprinklers, dust-control system and side brush to give the best sweeping result.


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