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Easy sweepy roller R


It is perfect for the maintenance and cleaning of open surfaces, floors, industrial halls and streets that require a high-level cleaning.

The winning ally for maintenance and cleaning of wide areas, industrial floors and roads requiring top-notch cleaning. High-performance even on difficult slopes thanks to the angling, tilting and floating systems for a complete adaptability to the terrain, allowing the equipment to follow its course in an optimal way. The angle side hydraulic tilting adjustment of +-20° allows the tilt angle to be varied by up to 20° per side, while the mechanical tilting allows an angle of up to +/-10° per side. While the integrated motor in the roller means that there are no side protrusions that could impede the free movement of the equipment or bump into the side or break the hydraulic hoses with consequent leakage of fluid, which can pollute the environment.

For a complete and optimal performance, a dust-control system is available with a tank and pump that nebulize pressurised water directly on the source of dust, suppressing it during the work thanks to the sprinklers installed both inside and outside the bucket.

The wide range of models fully enhances its functionality, making the equipment highly performing on skids, mini skid loaders, loaders and telescopic handlers. Additional comfort is provided by the electronic console, which allows all implement functions to be easily controlled directly from the cab.


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