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Mulcher TC


The heaviest operations such as brushwood and roadside areas clearance, tree-cutting and management of urban green spaces are its ideal working fields.

This attachment is rugged and durable, thanks above all to its reinforced casing with double bottom, which provides outstanding resistance to impacts and torsional forces, and also to the shielded bearings of the rollers, which protect them from collisions with material in the mulching area.

The shaft equipped with blades is suitable for mowing weeds and for standard usages. The hammer shaft set-up is especially designed to withstand to heavy works, such as cutting shrubs up to a diameter of 10cm.

The support roller, adjustable in height, and the machine coupling adjustment slide, make this tool extremely effective and allow the operator to choose the desired cutting mode.

Highly resistant, the mulcher features an integrated valve unit as standard equipment, which optimises the engine performance and prevents pressure overloads, thus increasing its work life.

A wide range of models to choose from: the Cangini mulcher can be used on any excavator weighing from 1 to 15 tons, backhoe skid loaders and backhoes.