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Multiscreening bucket frontal coupling VMS-F


Our next-generation VMS Multiscreening bucket, thanks to the patented screening system, allows choice and management of the screening size directly from the cab.

The two rotary drums on each other: controlled by a hydraulic cylinder, the inner drum’s movement allows to change the size of the holes for material screening. This feature guarantees excellent versatility to the bucket.

No need to replace any mechanical part of the screening bucket, no machine-down time, no need for personnel on the ground close to the equipment.

Our Multiscreening bucket for skid and mini loaders, wheeled loaders, backhoes and telescopic machines, thanks to the new double rotary drum in HB400, allows for real-time selection of the screening size from 25 to 65 mm, through the hydraulically controlled screening size variation system.

Ideal for screening rubble from demolition, from trench infills and from the clearing of stony ground, the Cangini front screening bucket enables material to be recovered and managed directly on site, increasing the job’s productivity and economic returns.


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